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✨Angel Writing - Balance and Ease✨

Dear Ones of Light,


Balance and Ease.  Balance and Ease.  Allow these words to wash over you, and notice how merely reading or even pronouncing these words out loud makes you feel.  You associate the word balance, as well as the word ease with the energy that they create.  Focusing upon these words actually helps to create balance and ease in your being as you read these words.


So how can one bring more balance into one’s life?  How can one bring in more ease as well?  One must support balance and ease.  Sounds like this should be easy enough does it not?  Support what you want, focus on what you want, this is our constant refrain to you. 


We recognize, however, as do you, that supporting these softer energies is not so simple when you are living in a world that is moving faster and faster each day.  The responsibilities are many, whether you are one who works each day, cares for a family, or engages in any type of activity with the outside world.  Time is indeed continuing to move more quickly and the distractions of your world are asking you to do the same.


And yet, all of the activities of the day, all of the demands on your time, all of the screens, all of the chaos, leave many simply wanting the experience of the words that started this writing – Balance and Ease.


We ask you, and not in a manner of scolding, but truly ask you to ask yourself “how often do I support the energy of balance and ease in my life?”  Do you have the intention each day of creating a day of flow, ease and soft energy when you awake in the morning?  Do you ask your team to assist you in experiencing the many miracles that are available to you each day as you go through your day? 


There are many ways to bring more balance and ease into your life.  But to experience these things, you must be open to them.  Are you truly open to a life of ease?  Where you do not have to rush around and meet deadlines and the like?  The term “deadline” is interesting isn’t it?  Rather than being dead should one miss a deadline, if it were called a “liveline,”  by meeting it you would be birthing something into existence, rather than trying not to miss something.  It is all about perspective.


There can be joy found in rushing from place to place, and you can be present in your daily activities of work and chores and family and friends, accomplishing much, while filling yourself emotionally and spiritually, by focusing on the ease that is available to you and the feelings that you would like to feel as you navigate each day.


We ask that you do an experiment and try to be present in as many moments as you possibly can during a busy day.  And that at the beginning of the day you state to yourself and to your angelic and guide team, the Universe, whichever force or beings you would like to include, that you are open to experiencing ease and flow and grace during this day.  And to support this intention, be as present as you possibly can.


As you walk down the street, focus on your steps and the beauty in your environment rather than thinking about the next task or about future or past moments.  As you are interacting with others, be present with them rather than looking at a phone or screen during conversations.  Take time to pause between your activities.  This pause creates ease and flow.  Even taking several conscious breaths at several points during the day.


This will change the pace of your day.  It will shift your energy.  It will allow you to feel ease and flow, and it will open you up to the higher energies available to you as you move through your day.  Try this for one day, Dear Ones, and see at the end of this experimental day how you feel. If you are truly focused on creating more moments of ease and rest and flow in a busy day, the busy day will start to feel less busy and more flowy. 


In fact, you may so much enjoy this way of being that you will choose to continue it for more than just one day, for you will start to then experience more synchronicities, more experiences filled with grace, you will open yourself up to the psychic and other gifts that are waiting for you to receive them, and you will start to experience not only more balance and ease, but more flow, more love and more light in your being.


So yes, Dear Ones, the short answer is, to experience more ease and flow in your life, you must focus on more ease and flow.  The answer is practical, for to shift the energy it requires physical focus.  It does not have to be a chore, it can be joy filled.  You can ask for this as well, to have ease in learning how to experience ease.  Your journey does not have to be filled with difficulties.  If you are reading these words you are ready to leave the old behind and embrace new ways of being.  Step into more light and focus yourself on the grace of being in flow with your day.


We wish you great peace and love, and encourage you to try this experiment and see where it leads you. 




©2024 Blue Angel Meditation


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