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One-on-One Sessions


Private Meditation Session

Learn how to meditate and connect to energy

Learn how to meditate in a private session with Tal. In a supportive online space, Tal will guide you through a personalized meditation which will be recorded so that you can use it in your own meditation practice. Perfect for beginners, or for anyone who would like to learn to incorporate different energy techniques into their existing meditation practice.

$150 | 60 min

Private Energy Coaching Session

Private One on One Session

Learn how to look at your life from the perspective of energy in a private session with Tal.  In a nurturing environment, Tal will help you to see the energy dynamics of whatever issues you are working on in life, or to help you to create a deeper sense of connection in your own personal practice.  Each session includes a personalized recorded meditation that you can incorporate into your meditation practice.

$200 | approx. 90 min

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