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Tal Levitt

It is my passion to help others learn how to meditate, connect to peace and learn how to look at life from an energetic perspective.


I have studied meditation and energy work with my teachers at the School of Vibrational Healing since 2004, and have learned many different ways to bring people into a meditative state.  I am also always looking for new ways to enhance the meditation experience for the people I work with. 


I love teaching people who are new to meditation how to connect to a relaxed and peaceful energy.  My clients range from people who are skeptical and have never meditated before to people with advanced meditation practices who are seeking to open up new levels of their energetic and spiritual abilities.


Life is constantly talking to us, through symbols, messages, coincidences and synchronicities that provide us with clues and guidance for how to navigate the various challenges and experiences we have on a daily basis.


Whether we do one on one meditation sessions, group sessions, or energy healing sessions, my work is based on a gentle and compassionate practice of connecting you to your spirit and learning how to direct your focus to the feelings that you would like to experience in your life.  The more we can learn how to be relaxed and connected, the more we can allow that state to influence our lives outside of meditation.

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“Tal’s Energy Sending Meditations have been so grounding and peace-producing for me! No matter what state of mind I’m in at the start, I always feel refreshed and transformed at the end. Not only does it feel good for me personally, but it also feels so good to be able to dream up my best vision for the world.”

Karen A.

“Tal you came into my life at just the right moment! You created an environment that felt safe and comfortable, which made it so easy to open up and being authentically me! Your gentle direct way really helped me to see a different perspective so easily!  Learning to change my energy so quickly has given me the tool I had been missing!  You taught me how to speak to my angels and guides which was HUGE for me but also how to speak my truth!  I learned so much about myself and all of the things I was doing to get in my own way. Thank you Tal for being there for me every time I needed you and truly making a huge impact on my healing!!”

Val K.

“Tal is a wonderful coach. She is completely authentic and  cares deeply about her clients. She always asks the right questions and truly listens to the answers. Thus, her guidance is individualized and so right on. It was in a meditation during one of our sessions, where I realized a whole new dimension of my own business, and how I could help people on a different level. Tal’s energy is amazing, and she has given me so many practical tips to help me go deeper in my own meditation practice, which continues to bring me new clarity. I am so grateful for her guidance.”

Denise R.

“I have done both private and group meditation sessions with Tal. Both have been significant in helping me to become less anxious. I had always been hesitant to try meditation again, as when I had tried it many years ago I wasn’t able to connect with the experience. In fact, the experience at the time gave me anxiety because I felt like I was 'wasting time'. However my sessions led by Tal have given me a sense of peace. I find myself able to detach from the stressors of every day life and not be overwhelmed by as much.”

Lori D.

“Tal Levitt is a blessing to all who come into contact with her and to the world.  She is a deeply spiritual and humble person who brought amazing happiness to my life.  She brings light and love in her meditations and great healing to those who join her in group and individual sessions.  The efficacy of her healing is demonstrated each time her meditations are experienced, and the wonder of her work is growing as more people participate in her energy sessions and individual practice.”

Danny S.

“Tal’s voice and presence are so deeply calming and nurturing that no matter how chaotic your day has been, the meditation brings you back to your core. Even though we’re working with higher energies, it feels practical and not detached from the physical - I feel this is important in meditative practices, to not just 'float away' but be grounded and present in the now. Thank you, Tal, for holding this space with your beautiful energy!”

Mayu L.

“Tal’s compassion, generosity, patience, knowledge and abilities are a gift.  I have tried meditation in the past but never bought into the process.  During the pandemic, and at a time of heightened stress, I contacted Tal for guidance.  Tal explained her process and made me feel very open and comfortable.  Tal’s meditations helped me to center myself and find peace during a time of chaos.  The end result of following her meditations is that I am better able to manage the stress in my life, and as a result, I am a better person to and for those around me.  I highly recommend Tal’s meditations.”

Stacy K.

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