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✨Angel Writing - The Frequency of Your Highest Timeline✨

Dear Ones of Light,


There are many timelines available to you in each moment of your incarnation.  Many choices, many potential outcomes, depending on which choice you make in any given moment.  The interesting thing is, that most people on the planet choose to make similar decisions from moment to moment, day to day.  They are experiencing an autopilot of choice, and therefore they are living in an autopilot timeline, where most days look and feel similar.  This is ok, for humans are creatures of habit, and there are those who enjoy the repetitive nature of this type of existence for it allows them to feel safe in this incarnation.


However, once one has discovered their consciousness, once one becomes aware of their ability to co-create their reality with their higher self, with the Universal energy that is always available to them, timelines come to be of great importance, for one can exercise conscious choice to influence what one would like to experience on the Earth plane.


For what is a timeline but the frequency at which you are vibrating in at a given moment?  You can have an hour (we shall utilize a random time frame to illustrate) where you are in a lower vibration of, let’s say, sadness, and your world will temporarily reflect that sadness back to you.  Later in the same day you can be in a higher vibration of peace, and your world will start to reflect the peace back to you as well.  In effect, you are in each moment moving  from “timeline” to “timeline” depending on the frequency at which you are vibrating.


If you are vibrating in joy, you would make different choices than you would were you to vibrate in anger.  These two frequencies result in different choices and therefore different timelines.  If you are vibrating in harmony you would choose yet a different timeline and achieve yet a different outcome.


But the timeline you are on in the larger sense is the culmination of all of the smaller timeline choices you make throughout your days, months and years.  Essentially each moment is an opportunity to choose a higher vibrational feeling such as love, peace or joy, or a lower more fear-based vibration such as fear, anxiety or jealousy.  What are you choosing in the majority of your moments?  This is a question to ask yourself often.  For the feeling you experience in the majority of your moments is the feeling that will become your timeline. 


If one wishes to stay on the highest timeline available to them, one must consciously choose, in as many moments as possible, to be in the higher vibrations.  It is the universal law of cause and effect as well as the law of attraction, the frequency at which you vibrate will be reflected back to you in external experiences that are vibrating at that same frequency.


But, Dear Ones, you are not to do this alone.  You have the help of the many beings of light who are assisting you on the journey of your incarnation.  You can always ask for assistance from your teams of angels, guides and other light beings to give you guidance and assistance in staying in the highest timeline available to you in each moment, and in the highest frequency available to you in each moment.  For you see, they are one and the same.  Your frequency and your feelings in any given moment become your reality, they become your timeline.


Indeed one of the reasons you are here is  to co-create your life and to discover how to utilize your consciousness to influence your reality.  It is one of the most joyful elements of taking on a body and incarnating on Earth.  Once you have this knowledge life becomes a game that you are playing with the Universe and the cosmos. 


Of course there is all of the galactic and global drama, but truly, focus not upon that.  Focus on your own energy, focus on the frequency at which you are vibrating, and focus on maintaining those positive feelings and frequencies in as many moments as possible.  You shall than be in your highest timeline by default and so will the immediate world around you.  You will be cared for.  And ask, ask, ask, please do ask for help in finding the higher timelines and energies and staying in them.  There is much love here for you, and much assistance available.  Please utilize this divine assistance and watch the resulting expansion and beauty in your lives.


We send you Great Love.

©2024 Blue Angel Meditation


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