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✨Angel Writing 4/21/24 - Being With Peace Amidst Chaos ✨

Dear Ones of Light,


These are the times you have been practicing for all of these years that you have been on a spiritual path.  Even if you have only recently become aware of the power of your consciousness, this is a large part of why you chose to incarnate at this time.  Because of the events that are currently unfolding on your planet.


Fear not, for fear is not truth.  Fear is an energy that has been fueling this planet for millennia, and the reign of fear is at long last coming to an end.  Of course the three dimensional world around you is reflecting immense fear in the physical, for the energy of fear is actually leaving the planet.  And for it to leave, it needs to be seen and acknowledged and felt.  It is the same for your individual emotions.  In order to be released, they must be seen, acknowledged and felt. As within, so without.


At this time, there are those who are attempting to hang on to the reign of fear, and there are those who will consciously or unconsciously choose to remain there, living in, with, and looping in fear.  But if you are reading this writing, you are not one of those beings.  If you are reading these words, you came to this planet at this time, at whatever age you are, whatever background you have, whatever challenges you have, in order to anchor the light and hold the energy and vision of a new world that is fueled by peace, fueled by compassion, fueled by love. 


These are indeed challenging and difficult times, Dear Ones, and those of us in other dimensions who are sending you light and guiding you applaud you every day for the courage that you had to be one of the few to take a body and anchor the energy that we are sending you.  It was part of your soul’s contract.  Your soul’s mission.  This is why you are so committed to supporting the light. 


Be gentle with yourselves, for you are in a human body, having human emotions and experiences.  Allow yourselves to ride the waves, but keep yourselves as grounded as possible.  Now is the time to be in peace with every step you take, to be focused on your presence, on how much you can feel the light and the energy.  You must become oblivious to the fears and dramas of the world around you and be with peace.  It is something that you do from one moment to the next moment, and the next moment.  Continue stringing together moments of peace. 


Allow others to see you being calm in the face of the chaos, and become a source of light for them. Someone needs to do this and you are those beings – the calm in the storm.  Hold the light, continue to feel that all is well, for all is well, and all will be well.  You are love in human form, expanding your consciousness and your light through these experiences.  You have trained well, and now is the time to put into practice everything that you know of consciousness, peace, love and light.  Be with light, feel peace, disregard the fear, hold the vision of a world filled with peace, regardless of what your eyes and ears see around you. 


The screens of your world are trying to feed the fear with dramatic tales of all that is wrong.  So much is right.  There is so much light available to you all in each moment, more than there was a week ago, and exponentially more than there was a year ago, and exponentially more than ten years before that, and so on.  Look at how far you’ve come and how much you have grown, Dear Ones.  You have our support, and we send blessings and great love for you and the great mission you have undertaken.  Peace.

©2024 Blue Angel Meditation


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