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Angel Writing 1/27/24 - Feeling and Releasing Emotions

Dear Beings of Light,


If you are reading these words then, on some level of your soul, you have a commitment to the expansion of your consciousness.  And as such, you are aware on some level that such expansion requires a commitment to maintain a positive energy and frequency in your life.  But what does that really mean?  Maintaining a high frequency?  Does it mean that you are happy regardless of the challenges you face? Does it mean that you respond to less than respectful behavior from others with a smile?  Some of you may be surprised to hear us say that it does not.


Of course, your chosen response to a given situation will impact your frequency, but you do not have to “love and light” your way through life, pretending that certain painful circumstances and experiences are not, in fact, painful.  Discomfort is part of life, Dear Ones.  Learning how to navigate the discomfort is where the great beauty lies.  Not because it is fun, but because it is authentic.


When you experience great anger or sadness or emotional discomfort, what is your first inclination?  Most go into resistance, wishing the emotion would go away.  This quickly becomes an energetic tug-of-war.  You do not want to feel the discomfort, so you wish for it to leave, essentially dialoging with it and entangling with it.  By doing this you are giving it your focus, and what you focus on increases in intensity.  And so it goes, around and around, the emotion grows stronger from your constant wishing that it would dissipate.


But what would happen, Dear Ones, if you were to decline to engage in this conversation with the emotion, in this constant back and forth with the pain you so much wish would just leave your life?  What if, instead, you chose to acknowledge the emotion or discomfort?  What if you were to allow yourself to feel it for a few moments, let it know that you see it, that you recognize its need for attention, that it is an aspect of yourself or an energy that is moving through you that possibly needs some light sent to it or some love to allow it to be “heard” so that it can leave?


This is indeed difficult for many, and it is not meant to be easy, but once felt and acknowledged, many times the emotions and discomforts will start to diminish.  For some emotions it is a matter of seconds or minutes. For other, larger issues and feelings you may need to acknowledge something like anger many times over several weeks or months for it to leave your life.


But in this way, Dear Ones, you are allowing it to actually leave your life.  Once felt, the emotions lose their power over you, they return to the infinite field, you have transmuted them into peace. 


The next time emotion arises for you, try to acknowledge it, without the conversation about what happened in your life to cause the emotion.


This is what humans are calling a “big” year, and you will have many opportunities to choose how you will engage with and respond to the emotions you will experience.  You will also have many opportunities for great expansion.  Great expansion of your consciousness and great expansion of your heart center.  Part of the expansion is learning how to deal with the constricting emotions as they come across your path and your physical and emotional energy systems. 


You have great support.  Teams of angels, guides and beings of light who are supporting you in this lifetime are always sending you love, always sending you the frequencies that will support your journey on Earth and you can always call on them for assistance.  You can always call on assistance from the unseen.  And while your eyes may not see us at this time, you can feel our vibration and the beauty of the support that you have.  Call on us, we are here and we will help.


Blessings of Light to you all.



©2023 Blue Angel Meditation


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