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Angel Writing 4/14/24 - The Importance and Power of Your Focus

Dear Ones of Light,


The importance and power of your focus is indeed extraordinary. The manner in which you use this gift of focus is of the utmost importance.  You have heard many times that “where attention goes the energy flows” and statements of that nature, indicating that where you place your predominant focus, the predominance of your thoughts, is what is creating your reality at any given moment. 


Given that many create from the subconscious mind, allowing the mind and the many distractions of the world to draw their thoughts in various different directions that are creating less than pleasant realities, how can we switch to creating in a conscious manner?  This is where the power of your focus comes into play.  When you are present, and you consciously focus on the reality that you wish to experience in your life, you start to influence that aspect of your reality and draw it to you.


For many this is now common knowledge, but for just as many it seems farfetched and is what some would call “magical thinking.”  However, we encourage you to try it.  Play with this concept.  Of course, it is not enough to merely think what one would consider positive thoughts.  It is your entire vibration and frequency, along with your conscious focus that creates your reality by drawing to you things and experiences that match the frequency at which you are vibrating.  You are feeling things and experiences into existence.


Most observers of your world can recognize that distraction is rampant in many forms, whether it is the many forms of entertainment and media available to you on many different devices, or the insecurities and obsessions that result from interacting with them.  Many people who fall prey to these distractions make them their main focus, and thus they are creating their lives from that vibration, of lack, desire, fear, jealousy, feeling not good enough, anger.  All of the emotions that are being supported by all of the media, whether it be social, entertainment or news.


There are those who benefit from having the masses create from this lower level of frequency. It is in their interest to keep the consciousness of the population at the level of the more base emotions.  Whether it be for financial or the gain or protection of power, and whatever other motivations there may be.  So, you can see that if one is focused on the lower frequencies being pumped out at the masses from every angle, one will continue to draw these lower frequencies into their reality, as if it is by design. Do not do their work for them.


When you are fearful, life will give you more opportunities to feel fear.  Because you are emitting the signal of fear.  Similar to when one is afraid of a dog and the dog then growls because it senses your fear.  Your focus is a double edged sword, Dear Ones, so please use it wisely and for the highest and most positive.  For the converse is also true.  When you are focused on joy, peace, love, you are emitting that signal to the quantum field of light and pulling that which matches joy, peace and love towards you.  It is your choice.  Earth is a planet of choice and free will.  It is up to you to choose.  


Of course, please do not fear your negative thoughts and feelings for they are part of life.  It is the thoughts that you loop with and to which you give your focus that we want you to redirect towards the positive or to that which you want.  If you are nervous about an upcoming event, rather than wringing your hands in the days leading up to such event, feel and visualize yourself having great success, great fun, the greatest outcome that you can imagine.  Draw in the outcome you want from the quantum rather than the worry. Watch what will happen and how you can influence the outcomes of so many aspects of your life.


This is why we say to you, please start to recognize the power of your focus and what you are able to create when you are vibrating at a high frequency.  One of joy, of light, of peace, of the higher rays available to humanity at this time.  There is much distraction, some on quite a grand scale, but your individual focus and conscious choice to feel peace, love, joy, higher vibrations, especially as more and more of you do this, will start to bring your lives into a higher frequency where you will be untouched by all of the noise.  It will become just that.  Noise.


We send you great love and blessings as we understand the difficulties and hardships of being in a physical incarnation on Earth at this time.  Keep holding the vision that your world is vibrating in peace, and so it shall be.  Peace. 

©2024 Blue Angel Meditation


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