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✨Angel Writing - One L🩷VE✨

Dear Ones of Light,


You are all One.  Indeed there is only One.  This is difficult to remember as you go through a typical day on planet Earth, rushing from one responsibility to the next, juggling all of the many tasks you have before you.  However, while most of the time you feel separate, in fact, as most of you know, you are all One.  Connected, part of the whole, intentionally having made yourself “separate” so that you could one day remember that, in fact, there is only One, and the One is a vibration of Love.


Why would one choose to separate from Love in this way? So that you could experience the truth of what you are by becoming what you are not.  You appear to be an individual that moves on your own, thinks on your own, feels on your own.  But you are all beautiful fractals of the One, parts of a whole.  As one of you moves, the others feel the ripple effects of your movement, however small.  As one of you feels, the others feel as well.  When one of you suffers, on some level you all suffer.  And when one of you connects to peace, love, or joy, on some level you all raise your frequency and feel that peace, love or joy.


You as individuals are connected across the planet, with people you may have never met.  You can send love to a being on the other side of the world, and that being in that moment will feel a wave of love pass over them without knowing from where it came.  You do not need to be standing next to someone to have an impact on them.  Energy knows no time nor space, it has no borders or limitation. 


Love is an energy.  Connect to it often and know that without you even realizing it, you are positively impacting not only those around you in your immediate presence, but those far and wide.  And the more of you that connect to the energy of Love are amplifying its strength, its impact on the collective consciousness.  You are raising the vibration of the One.  You are coming into a remembrance of who you really are.  You are a unique part of a whole Universe – One Verse – the One, the All That Is.  You at your core are love and light.  Dear Ones, it is time to remember why you are here and who and what you are. 


Start to use this great Love and share it with the world, and watch how the world will start to shift and change to reflect back to you the Love that you are.  May you continue to influence one another near and far, until you reach the level of Vibration and Frequency that allows you to individually realize that you are, in fact, The One Love. 


We send you many blessings of Love.





©2024 Blue Angel Meditation


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