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Angel Writing 7/1/2023 - The Energetic Marathon

Dear Ones of Light,

We share a perspective of energy with you at this time. For this time is indeed most unique in the journey of humanity and for you each individually as you continue to walk your paths of light. You see, from our vantage point, you are on the verge of a time of great awakening and beauty, yet from the vantage point of many, you feel as though you are on the precipice. On the edge of a cliff.

Indeed there is great change ahead, but you have been navigating great change for many Earth years. All of humanity acknowledges the change of the most recent several years, but these changes have been taking place more and more if you look back and examine their origin. But this would be an exercise of the mind and not necessary and in fact detrimental. For what is the relevance of the origin of this or that event? You have experienced it all and now you find yourself in a new present moment.

And now you feel as a human collective that there is indeed change in the air. For some of you quite literally there is a visible haze of smoke in the air. You can feel it and see it. And indeed the waves of energy continue to roll in as the Earth is receiving more and more light, more and more opportunity to raise her vibration. And you have that same opportunity. To raise your vibration.

Fear not the new energy and the changes to the Earth and to your society and so on – for there is a perfection to it all. There is a gateway to walk through, and all of the paths you might choose lead to that same gateway. There is a collapse of timelines, and they all lead to a place of light. As you are present in each moment and continue to hold the light and anchor it into your being and you continue to be the physical vessel between the ethers and the Earth where an aspect of your spirit is dwelling for this incarnation, you are exactly where you need to be.

As you walk through life with presence in each moment, you worry not about what has been or what will be. You quite simply focus on light, on the wisdom and love being shed upon you by your angels and guides of light. Yes, Dear Ones, it is in fact that simple. For all of the timelines lead to light. And as the timelines continue to collapse into one timeline of light, you all reach the finish line and like a marathoner reaching the finish line, you will run through that ribbon and feel the joy of having run the race.

There are indeed many paths from point A to point B. Which way will you take to the finish line? It truly matters not, because as we said all of the paths merge into the light. But do you choose the circuitous route where you get lost along the way in past moments, emotions, struggles? Or do you choose the fastest path where you remain focused on the light within you and around you, allowing the light and your presence to move you along so that you feel as though you are flying and not running? Gliding along instead of huffing and puffing?

Keep yourselves in energetic shape. Meditation is your energetic exercise. Presence is your weight room. Breath is your energy source and great timekeeper, healer and barometer for keeping yourself steady in these continually changing times. Earth is your training ground and we are your trainers, teaching you and cheering you on when you need it, telling you to work harder when you need it.

You are running this marathon beautifully Dear Ones. Keep your pacing, look not back, keep focused on the finish line, seeing yourself running to victory on a path of light, where the timelines all merge into one of beauty and golden light of the Frequency of the Fifth Dimension.

We applaud you all and send you Great Love.


©2023 Blue Angel Meditation


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