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Angel Writing 6/7/2021

Dear Ones,

We want you to drop the trying, the doing, and practice being. Can you allow yourself to be with the energy as you go through your day? If the day is not going the way you would like it to, do you power through and push yourself to get through it or do you surrender and go with the flow of a day that isn’t working?

Some days you will be tired, others you will feel emotions that are coming up from deep in your life to be purified, and still other days you will feel such a high vibration and so much joy that you are amazed that life can be this beautiful.

You could say that you are human and this is why you have good days and bad days. And this is true. But we want you to remember how energy works into this equation. When you look at your life through the lens of energy you become the sacred observer, and the ups and downs of life become much easier to navigate.

There is currently a lot of activity in the stars and planets surrounding the Earth and there are very high vibrations of energy coming onto the planet as the Earth continues her journey into higher frequencies. All beings on the planet, including the Earth herself, are being saturated in these higher energies. As this saturation occurs, and in order to enter into these higher frequencies, you must shed the lower vibrational aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies.

On days when you are tired even though you do not have reason to be, understand that you are integrating high frequencies of light into every cell of your body, and this can cause fatigue or other physical discomforts that can feel like illness.

On days when you are experiencing deep emotions of sadness, anger, jealousy, etc., and you do not understand why these feelings are coming up, know that these are lower vibrational emotions that are leaving your life so that you can raise your light and live your life in a higher dimension. Be gentle with yourself as you go through these days, give yourself the compassion you would give to your best friend or a family member.

Understanding the process of how energy moves through your life and your body will assist you greatly in navigating all of the changes taking place on a physical and emotional level in your life.

The same applies to the world around you. You are seeing, on a daily basis, and have been for some time now, how the world, humanity, and society is purifying lower vibratory emotions and experiences. To one who does not understand the workings of energy it may seem as though there is much change, chaos and danger in the world, but when you are aware that in order for energy to be released it must be felt and experienced, it allows you to relax about the world around you. All are on an energetic journey. All are feeling the effects of the increase in light. All are transforming.

As much as you can, allow yourself to experience these growing pains in yourself as softly as possible. And be easy on yourself. You are going through unprecedented times which require a great deal of compassion not only for yourself but for others and the world around you. Stay connected, go slow, let yourself have the experience. And feel gratitude for the beautiful days when you are in flow.


©2021 Blue Angel Meditation



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