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Angel Writing 5/31/2023 - Earth School

Dear Ones of Light,

The energies of your planet are vibrating at rates not previously seen for millennia. The higher frequencies provide you all with unique opportunities as well as challenges. The opportunity is to align with those frequencies and ride the energetic waves, allowing them to carry you into energies of peace, love, joy and the like. But the challenge is, because they are waves, they go up and down. And when the wave goes down, there is much farther to fall than there used to be. Indeed, much farther to fall.

And when you fall from a farther height, it can sometimes be more difficult to get up, can it not? There is more risk of injury, etc. Now we are talking about waves of energy Dear Ones, but waves of energy do affect the physical body as well.

And during this time period there are those of you who feel the expansion and the soul growth that these times offer, and others feel that the waves of energy are crashing upon them, and they struggle to come up for air, to get back to the shore where they can feel “safe.”

If you are one of the ones in expansion, this is a blessing, and the very fact that you are riding the waves so masterfully should be part of your gratitude for all that is in your life at this time. But for those of you who are struggling, those of you who feel lost, unloved, confused, or even physically ill, there is much to learn from this time. Much to learn, much to appreciate, and much to use to your advantage.

For while it may look and feel to you that on the surface your life is not “working,” whether it be relationships, family, health, finances, etc., whatever area is coming up for you at this time is coming up to be purified, cleansed, released. But you may ask why must we keep going through these similar lessons again and again?

Life is a spiral, Dear Ones, a sacred geometric spiral of energy and experiences you are having, using a physical body, in the schoolroom of Earth, in order to ascend in vibratory consciousness. In school, when you do not learn a lesson properly, you sometimes need to repeat the class. Other times, you learn a lesson so well, you are ready for the Advanced Class of that area, allowing you to build your knowledge even further.

We would like for you to know that there is no failure in Earth school, just different rates and areas of study. And there are no grades, as it were. You all had the highest of marks in order to be admitted to this challenging school, and your reward is the raising of the consciousness of all of humanity, including your own.

So, whatever your challenge, allow yourself to keep this larger perspective of why you are here. You are here to experience life, its joys as well as its challenges, in the form of a human body, while at the same time raising the frequency of the planet and humanity, having a profound effect on the entire Universe and beyond. No pressure, as they say, Dear Ones. Please allow yourselves to laugh at the absurdities of life.

And please, do remember, that there is much happening underneath the surface. The most difficult of times provide a fast track to growth, and there are frequently unseen gifts waiting for you at the other side of the challenge that you are unable to comprehend as you go through it, bravely walking through your life experiences.

We know it is not easy playing this role on this stage at this time. You have support from us, from Councils and Commissions, Galactics and Angels, as well as elementals and masters there in the physical. Continue to ask for support, ask for help in finding a way when there seems to be no way. Continue to focus on your presence in each moment. There is great healing in the present moment Dear Ones. You are all doing remarkable jobs of being human at this time. All is well. All is truly well. Focus on the energy you want in your life, allow yourself to draw that energy in from the etheric realms. We are supporting you, and we send you Great Love.


©2023 Blue Angel Meditation


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