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Angel Writing 5/22/2022 - The New Energies

Dear Ones of Light, Indeed, stronger new vibrations and frequencies of light are currently filling your planet, bathing all of humanity in rays of light not yet felt in your incarnation. These waves of energy did in fact coincide with the recent eclipse of the moon, but know that is it not only the lunar event bringing this energy, but the position of the Earth in the universe and the power of the sun, as well as the raising of frequency of the Earth herself. The reasons for the new energy are multidimensional, as are you. With these new energies, you are learning more and more to perceive yourselves as multidimensional beings. There is a window of opportunity for you now to expand your consciousness in ways that you have not been able to previously. Now, Dear Ones, now is the time to focus on honing and cultivating your many gifts, your unique gifts. You are an aspect of source that is wholly and completely unique, and your unique gifts fit into this giant puzzle of transformation and awakening as the perfect complement to all of the other puzzle pieces on the magnificent table that is Earth. You can feel your guides more during these times, you can feel the palpable nature of the shifts in energy. Allow yourself to go deeper, higher, farther; allow yourself to receive, allow yourself to radiate, allow yourself to communicate with the higher dimensions and receive all that your Team of Light has to share with you now. Embrace the shift to the fullest extent that you can. And yet, many of you have felt this shift in a most sudden way, it swept in like a wave this past week and carried you off, some into high vibrations, others into low energies of purification and emotion, and also for many of you, both at once. Have compassion for your brothers and sisters who have not yet found their path, as for those without a connection to source this is a difficult time. For those of you who feel you have fallen into the ditch of low energies and despair, know that it is not a ditch, it is a net. Imagine a large net over a deep hole, and you are flying high on a trapeze above in the high frequencies of light. You may slip off the bar and fall into the net below, and yes, the net does sink into the hole, but, like a trampoline, the net catches you and you bounce back up into the light. You are not in the hole, you are being held by the net. And the challenge is, how long, how many bounces does it take for you to reach for the trapeze again? How quickly, and with what level of compassion for yourself, with what level of grace and ease can you rebuild your frequency and reconnect when you stumble? It is part of the journey to experience the lows, allowing yourself to bounce into the net and know and trust that you will once again be catapulted upwards into the light. We are with you Dear Ones, you are all doing an exceptional job of navigating these times, as you flow with the frequencies, waves and bounces. We send you light, love, support and blessings as we cheer you on in your journey. Peace.

©2022 Blue Angel Meditation


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