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Angel Writing 10/16/2022 - Being Energetically Flexible

Dear Ones of Light,

There is one thing we emphasize for you in the time period you are now experiencing on the planet – energetic flexibility. By this we mean you must be able to ride the great waves of change that are flowing through your planet at the moment.

The same way you have changing weather on your planet, you have changing energies. When it rains you know to put on a raincoat or bring an umbrella, when it is cold a jacket and scarf, and so on. As the energy continues to change and shift on the planet, you will see more and more changes in the world around you (in addition to actual weather shifts), for the planet is indeed moving into higher and higher frequencies.

As the planet shifts into these higher frequencies, that which is vibrating at lower densities, as you know, cannot exist in the higher frequencies and as a result that which is vibrating at lower frequencies falls away, dissolves, crumbles or is transmuted or alchemized into the higher vibrations. This is by way of review for most of you. The catch is, that in order to move to the next level of frequency, the planet, and those who dwell upon her, must FEEL the lower frequencies that are leaving. So there is a collective and an individual FEELING that will be taking place in the weeks and months to come.

For the collective this may be seen as more of the drama that has been taking place in the world around you, and for individuals this can be physical and emotional clearing, changes in your personal and professional lives, the list of possibilities is long. And this does not mean that your lives will not be happy, you have the tools to navigate these changes in energy with relative ease.

One way in which you can help yourself ride these great waves of change is to consciously FEEL whatever comes up. The tendency of the human is to resist the uncomfortable feelings, resulting in clogged energy in the body and energy fields. When you allow yourself to feel whatever is coming up, without engaging with the dramatic aspects, you allow the energy to flow and the discomfort will dissolve more quickly and with more ease. And when one is aware of this process, and acknowledges the emotions as they pass through them, knowing that the emotion is an energy looking to be acknowledged as it appears, one can dissolve the emotions almost instantaneously.

Start to practice noticing when emotion comes up in your life and ask yourself if you are resisting the emotion or allowing it to be felt. Then practice – look at the uncomfortable situations and emotions as an opportunity to consciously FEEL the energy running through you.

The next time a situation or person makes you angry, ask yourself “how can I allow myself to feel this emotion without hanging on to the story that caused it?” This does indeed take practice, Dear Ones, but it is a most worthwhile pursuit. As you shed more of the denser energies from your bodies and energy fields you can experience more ease with the process the more you consciously allow things to flow.

Be flexible, energetically flexible, allow yourselves to follow where the energy takes you. Of course the more of your day you can be present and the more you can participate in activities that bring you joy the more fun and ease-filled your life will be. However, life is not all rainbows and unicorns even for the brightest of light beings – the human journey of ascending into higher light necessitates the cultivation of these types of tools for you to use when you do encounter the difficult emotions.

Connect, connect, and then connect even more. We always encourage you to be present and connect to your Guides and Angels, to your Spirit, to Source, to the energy of Love that is all around you. And when the energetic wind blows, be energetically flexible. The more connected you are, the more flexible you will be, and the more you will be able to shed the density and journey into the light.

With love, peace and light.

©2022 Blue Angel Meditation



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