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Angel Writing 8/20/2022 - Integrating the New Energy - Become the Love

Dear Ones of Light,

You have just passed through a period of time in which much light and energy was unleashed onto the planet, and those higher vibrations are influencing you all in different ways. But rest assured, every being on the planet has been influenced by the light that came in this August, and these new energies are indeed setting the stage for the next portion of your evolutionary journey.

What does it mean that much light and energy was unleashed? Well, in fact, you experienced the Lion’s Gate Portal, followed by a powerful Full Moon, and all along this time there have been powerful emanations of light from the Sun that have all concurrently been coming at you with a relentless pace. This is not bad, however, it is merely part of the experience that humanity is currently going through as part of the process of expanding consciousness, expanding awareness, and raising your individual and collective vibrations as you all continue on your paths of light.

Some of you are handling the integration of these energies quite well, and are in fact riding these waves of energy in a most skillful way. To you we say continue with whatever it is you are doing that is allowing you to feel peace and expansion during this time – we are clapping for you and cheering you on. But we are also clapping and cheering on those of you who are feeling a bit tossed about by the energies, and are possibly experiencing emotional shakeups in your lives, or physical issues as the body is integrating all of these new energies, or whatever challenges have appeared on the paths of many at this time. We cheer and clap for the great courage you all have to experience an incarnation on Earth at this time. We know it is not easy, and we support you and send you light in your difficult moments. You are never alone and we are always with you. Feel our presence when you are in challenge as well as when you are riding high. We are always here with you.

Know that all is perfect – you are purifying, you are releasing aspects of your physical and emotional lives that no longer serve you and if you are able to patiently and diligently ride out these purifications, you will experience a great expansion of consciousness at the end of this process. There are periodic jumps in the energy that have vibrational reverberations in your lives, and you are now in one of those time periods. The waves of energy and the various what you would term astrological, astronomical and cosmic events do in fact influence your energies and the energies of the planet. The more you start to realize this and flow with these influxes of energy, the more grace filled your journey will be.

Do not resist the waves of energy passing through your lives at this time. Acknowledge them, work with them, learn to flow along the stream even though sometimes your vessel gets bounced on the faster waters.

As a practical matter, we wish for you to connect as much as possible during these times. Meditating daily is important, and finding additional ways to connect while you are not sitting in meditation is also important. We wish for your daily life to become a meditation of sorts and for your life to include a conscious natural attunement to the ever increasing vibrations that continue and will continue to shower down on your planet for the foreseeable future.

The more you are connected, the more you will be able to keep up with and assimilate new energies as they come in rather than playing catch up and having to run after the bus as it is driving away from the curb. We want you on the bus, and driving the bus. We wish for you all a life of great joy and expansion. You are in fact in the driver’s seat even though much of the time it does not feel that way.

Lean into your power as the great creator beings that you are. Spend more time consciously connecting, consciously raising your vibration, consciously creating your life. As you continue to do so your lives will start to have a magical flow and you will be unaffected by new waves of light because you will be receiving and processing and creating in concert with all of the new waves.

You are the energy and the energy is you. You are us and we are you. All is one and the light is all. And all is love. Be love, feel love, create from love and ride the waves of love as they continue to bathe down on the planet in this time of great opportunity and become the Love.


©2022 Blue Angel Meditation



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