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Angel Writing 7/17/2022 - The Climb

Dear Ones of Light,

The world is in process at this time, as are you in process, and as the Earth herself is indeed in process. The process of awakening is not always comfortable, as the being doing the awakening needs to indeed feel, experience and reflect on much that needs to be observed and let go of in order to go the next level. We know that many of you are growing tired of these analogies – that you have to peel back many layers of the of onion or that you have to release your sandbags or baggage in order to get to the next level. How many layers? How many bags must I release you ask….

It is the most gentle process to release a little at a time. You do not climb a large, majestic mountain in one day. It is a process. You climb, then you rest and acclimate to the new altitude. Then you climb some more, and then you rest and climb again, and you repeat this process until you are at the top of the mountain. And once you are at the top of that mountain, you are able to look at your entire world, and your planet, and humanity from an entirely different vantage point.

You, dear ones, are climbing the most challenging mountain of all – the mountain of your consciousness, the mountain of your awakening. And given that all of humanity is climbing this mountain individually and as a collective, the view from some of your rest stations can look cloudy, or dark, or maybe sometimes you are so weary from your climb that you are too tired even to look.

Please know that this process is leading you to a grand awakening, to a mountaintop so beautiful and filled with light that you, and those climbing with you, will be elated once you are appreciating that ultimate view. And the bumps and bruises that you endured along the way will become experiences and memories that made you who you are. You came here to have this experience. This is the mountain that your soul chose to climb in this lifetime.

But when you grow weary and your backpack feels like it’s weighing you down, know that it is ok to take a break. You do not have to climb every day. There are days, and maybe even weeks that you can and should rest. Listen to your body. Not only in the metaphor but in life. Your body is your barometer and will tell you when you need to take a break, when it’s time to go within, and when it’s time to move forward. Keep your ultimate goal of awakening in your mind’s eye at all times. Focus on the goal. Focus on the mountaintop. On the vista that you will see when your climb is done. The state of awakened consciousness that you and your brothers and sisters of light who are with you on this epic climb is going to fuel the rest of this incarnation with a level of light and joy that you cannot even imagine at this time. Let the world do what it will do. Forget about the predictions and the murmurings and those trying to distract you with timelines of confusion. Stay on your path and you will reach the top of the mountain with a heart full of love and an awakened soul that will leave a path of light behind you for others to follow as they embark on their own climb.


©2022 Blue Angel Meditation



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