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Angel Writing 5/9/2022 - The Power of Presence

Presence. Presence, Dear Ones. We want you to focus on being present. With presence comes peace. With peace comes a flow of energy in your body and auric field that is lighter and of a higher frequency. And with lighter and higher frequencies you are in sync with the trajectory of the frequencies of your Earth.

When you maintain your focus on the present moment, on the beingness of your physical body, you are bringing the full attention of your spirit into the now. This is most powerful indeed. With every conscious step you take, you are aligning your energies into a stronger and stronger vibrational field. If you were to walk outside and allow yourself to be fully present with each step, you would soon feel a greater and greater sense of wellbeing.

This seems simple, but it is deceptively so. The most simple of movements, when carried out in a conscious manner, carry with them great power. You are building your energetic muscles when you practice being present in your daily life, much in the same way an athlete trains their physical muscles to build strength and skill.

When you cultivate a greater sense of peace throughout the small moments of your day, you are allowing this muscle of presence to become stronger, emanating a higher and higher light, giving your energy field a strength that allows it to become impenetrable to lower energies. You can maintain your equanimity in difficult times when your energies are strong.

There are many ways to strengthen your energies, including meditation. However, being present as you go through your day allows you to cultivate energy in a way of movement, as do practices like qigong and yoga. This is very important for on your path, you must be able to connect to energy as you are in movement, keeping your energies strong regardless of who or what is trying to rattle you. And rattle you they will, and they continue to try. It is up to you to maintain your focus on what matters.

Take action to deal with what you perceive to be injustices in the world if you are called to do so, but do so from the place of the strength of peace rather than combat or the energy of war or of fighting for something. Even if you are fighting for something you believe in, you are still fighting, which carries the energy of conflict and war. You can have strength without war, without pushing against. The energy of peace is much stronger than the lower vibrations of war, division and distraction that are being sown among you during these times. Do you not see the pattern? Here is another situation to make you want to fight, and another to make you angry, and another to keep you in fear and concern.

Make peace your main concern. Make your presence in each moment your priority. Know that there is great strength in this. Return to being present when your mind is distracted with the happenings in the world. Return to being present when you are overwhelmed by the many tasks at hand. Presence leads to peace, and peace will lead you to joy. Joy will lead you to love. And there is only love.

With great love and peace.

©2022 Blue Angel Meditation


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