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Angel Writing 4/21/2022 - Creating Through Intention

Dear Ones Of Light,

You are all such powerful beings of light, most of you only now beginning to realize the powers that you have in your consciousness, in your lives, in your souls. We ask you now to focus on intention in all areas of your life. Creating intentions in all areas of your life will on its own have a great impact on your soul’s evolution on the planet. For in creating an intention prior to taking an action, you are infusing that action with consciousness. You are putting the power of your mind and your spirit, as well as, if you ask them, the power of your guides, angels and Team of Light behind such action. If you do not already do so, we would like for you to start setting intentions prior to embarking on any activity, large or small, that you undertake during your day and project energy towards that intention prior to starting the activity.

We will give you a simple example. If you are meeting a friend for lunch, ask yourself what your intention is for meeting this friend? Is it to have a heart connection with a dear friend where you can laugh and enjoy eachother’s company? Is it simply to have fun? Is it to create a feeling of harmony and sharing energy with this friend? Is it all three? Prior to going to the lunch, project the energy of love, harmony, fun onto the experience. See yourself at the lunch having a wonderful time and feeling connected, having a light experience with this friend. See yourself driving home happy after having a wonderful experience.

Another, more practical example. If you are going to give a presentation for your work experience, prior to the presentation, create the intention that the presentation will be a great success. See the people in the room coming to you after you speak, telling you what a great job you did. Feel that the event is already a success. Project light onto the experience, seeing the entire room filled with light and with your guides and Team of Light so that when you walk into the room, they are all there waiting for you.

You can do this for every event in which you participate, for every action you are taking in your life. Because as you project positive and light energy onto an event or a situation, you are in fact influencing that event with your energy and you are now co-creating that experience rather than just having an experience wash over your life, taking you in an unknown direction.

“But what if sometimes I want a surprise and don’t want to influence a situation?” Well, dear friends, that is a conscious choice as well. But when you don’t want to necessarily influence an outcome, if you choose, you can tell the universe that you want to be surprised in a beautiful way at a certain event, and see what unfolds for your life. Creating the intention to be surprised is still an intention.

We do not share this to promote an idea of control in your life – you must allow your life to flow and have experiences and people and events come into and go out of your life. But we are saying that you have great power to influence not only your life but the course of humanity during these transitional times using your consciousness, your state of connection and your intention.

You came to Earth at this time in human history to realize the great power that you have. We would like for you to be more intentional in the way you are using it. You can create intentions to heal humanity, intentions to have all beings on the planet living in peace and light, intentions to heal your body. You can also have intentions to find a great parking space or to find the perfect gift for a family member’s birthday or to find the perfect pair of jeans on a shopping trip. It all comes from the same creative force within you. Regardless of the experience, the universe and the energy will respond to the intention you bring to that experience.

The key is to have a conscious intention which is based in feeling in everything you do, and as you do this more consistently, you will see how you are able to positively influence your life and the lives of those around you. All events, all experiences, large and small, are influenced by your intentions. As the energies continue to increase on the planet, you will see that the more powerful your intention, the more easily you will be able to co-create. Play with this concept, practice focusing your intention, and see the harmony and peace start to flow as your intentions become your reality.


©2022 Blue Angel Meditation


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