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Angel Writing 4/12/2023 - Universal Law

Dear Ones of Light,

It is our joy to be able to communicate with you at this time. For it is an interesting time indeed. So much happening on your planet, and so much happening within each of you. Can you view the chaos around you while maintaining peace within you? It sounds so simple does it not? The more you can maintain the peace within you, the chaos around you will start to melt away.

For the peace and light that is within each one of you vibrates at a much higher frequency than all of the chaos surrounding you in your world. We speak both of the chaos of world events and the chaos in your personal lives. It is a Universal Law, and you are all familiar with this. As above, so below. As within, so without. When you focus on the light and peace within yourself, and make your connection to that light and peace more important than the outside noise and chatter (and even the inside noise and chatter of your ego mind), you emit a frequency of peace and light to the Universe.

It is Universal Law. The Universe will begin to respond to you in the frequency you are most committed to. Now Dear Ones, you may say “But I meditated several times” or “I connected for entire day and yet nothing in my external world changed.” Of course this is an over-simplification. We have great respect for you and all you are experiencing in this incarnation – you are indeed advanced souls who have been wiped of your memory of your true nature – although more and more of you are remembering more and more each day and it is beautiful and an honor to witness.

But we digress from our original point. It takes time, Dear Beings of Light. It takes time for the change to occur in the outside world. Even though as the frequency and vibration of the Earth and her inhabitants continues to increase at a greater and greater rate, and this time-lag becomes shorter and shorter, most of you are not yet at the point where you can instantly manifest. But, as we said, that time draws more and more near. More and more near indeed.

This is why it is important to hone your skills now. Focus on the frequency and feelings you would like to experience on the Earth plane. Because, much how you order something as you would say “online,” you place your order and the item arrives several days later, the frequency you are supporting is the order you are placing with the Universe. It is Universal Law. The dominant frequency or feeling in your being is what will be reflected back to you in your external world.

Indeed you all already know this and are aware of these Universal Laws. But are you living them? Look around at the current experiences in your life. They are a reflection in one form or another, or a culmination of the frequencies you have been supporting prior to this moment.

The more intentional you are about the energy you support, the more you will be able to truly co-create the life you would like to live together with the Universe, Source, God, (insert your belief system here Dear Ones). We must have humor, mustn’t we? For as you are on this grand journey, one of the lucky beings who was chosen to be on Earth at this time, during this incarnation, to have this journey, remember to have fun along the way. It does not have to always be so serious and about overcoming your shadow and doing the work and whatnot.

You are here to have beautiful experiences (this does not mean they are all what you would call “good” but they indeed are all beautiful) while anchoring the light and raising the vibration of humanity as the Earth raises her vibration. This is why we always suggest that you connect, feel joy as much as you can, and have fun with this lifetime – by having fun you will be in joy. You will place an order of joy with the Universe and the Universe will deliver that joy back to you in many wonderful and surprising packages and gifts – some of which you didn’t even know you wanted until you finally receive them.

So, Dear Ones, connect and receive, connect and receive, and vibrate in Love and Joy. Until next time, we send you Love.


©2023 Blue Angel Meditation


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