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Angel Writing 3/23/2022 - Ask For Help

Angels of Light and Guides of Light, please give guidance to anyone who reads this writing that will help them to connect to peace, even in the face of challenges, both emotional and physical. Thank you for your guidance and love.

Dear Ones of Light,

We see and acknowledge all that you are going through in this incarnation. This is a beautiful and at the same time very difficult time to be alive on the planet. The difficulties are obvious, the beauty is in the energy and light available to you that is ever-increasing on the planet. We want you to know that you have the full support of angels, guides, and many higher dimensional beings of light who are sending you energy, light and assistance at all times. In order to access this assistance in a more tangible way, you must ask for their help.

This may be new to some, and a reminder to those who already know, but the angels, guides and light beings who contracted to assist you in this incarnation cannot intervene or intercede unless you ask for their help. It would be a violation of your free will if they were to assist without your permission. Of course, there are things that your angels would do should an emergency arise where they must act to keep you on your life path or even to keep you alive. But the rule is that you must ask in order to allow them to help you to the fullest extent they can.

So please ask for support from your angels, guides, the “Team of Light” that you contracted with to assist you and watch over you on your journey in this lifetime. You may wonder how you can receive this assistance if you cannot see or hear these beings? If you find yourself in a challenge, emotional or physical, you can pause and simply ask, silently or out loud, for their help. If you are one who meditates on a regular basis, connect to the energy or feeling you connect to when you meditate and ask from that place.

It is another good reminder for you to know that the Earth plane is one of great density because of the third dimensional energy and gravity that literally pulls humans down to the Earth. Your Team of Light exists in higher dimensions, and in order to connect with them more fully you must create the intention to go into their dimension and frequency so that they can send you light, energy and assistance through that open channel. At this time it is still too dense for them to come into your world.

As the energies continue to increase on the planet, it becomes progressively easier for you to connect to these higher energies. When you connect in meditation, prayer, silence, when you connect to your heart, when you do whatever works for you to raise your vibration, you have more immediate access to these higher planes than ever before. This helps your Team to assist you because it is easier for you to connect to their dimensional frequency.

Whether you believe that you have angels supporting you or not, or guides, or relatives who have passed, just try asking for assistance from a quiet place within and watch/feel/see what happens in your life. The more consistently you do this the more you will see the effects.

We are here, we are with you, and we await your requests so that we can be of service. You are never alone. Your Team of Light is always watching over you, trying to put you in the right place at the right time to allow your life to be one of grace and ease. Call on us often, for anything and everything. There is no request too big or too small. We are here to support you and assist you on your path.

With Great Love and Peace.

©2022 Blue Angel Meditation



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