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Angel Writing 3/13/2022 - Staying Connected Amid Distraction

Angels of Light and Guides of Light, what guidance do you have for the group today? Specifically, how can we keep our vibration high given all of the events around us, macro and micro, that are so distracting? Thank you for whatever guidance you have to share with us today. Dear Beings of Light, There is so much for you all to process during these times of great transition and awakening, we understand that it can be difficult to know where to turn or how to sort through all of the information that is coming at you from all directions at all times. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by all that the collective is experiencing at this time. You are being exposed to war, and constant media speculation about that war and speculation about your own safety, whether it be your physical safety from illness, or from destructive weapons, or your financial and economic safety. When you see how easily the focus has shifted from fear of an illness to fears of world wars and destruction, can you see how the portrayal of the world around you by those who “call the shots” is designed to keep the masses in fear? Not only in fear but focused on the worst case scenario in all of these situations? What if you were to decide to focus on the best case scenario? What if you were to focus on the miracle? What if you made the choice that regardless of what is happening in the world around you or the stories you were being asked to focus on, you instead were going to focus on feeling peace in your physical body? You all have a light within you, a tremendous amount of light, the same light that is pouring into the planet at ever-increasing rates. When you focus on that light you feel connected. You are literally plugging into that light source. When you are connected you become part of the solution. You become the light that is allowing the darkness to be dispelled from the world. You become the creator of miracles. When you find yourself in moments of despair, whether it is due to world events or events in your personal lives, rather than asking yourself “What if the worst possible thing happens?” we want you to ask yourself “What if the best possible thing happens?” “How will I feel if the best possible thing happens?” Dearest beings of light, you are co-creating your existence in this world. The events around you need to play out to allow the lower vibrations to finally leave the planet. You always have a choice of where to focus. And, as you know and have been told many times, what you focus on is what you will bring into your life. As impossible as it may seem in difficult moments, take some grounding breaths and let yourself feel as though the outcome you desire has already happened. We do not mean for you to think about the outcome you want, but to actually feel as though it has already happened. The miracle has occurred, and you have the outcome you want. Project light onto the outcome you want. See all the light that is constantly broadcast to the planet bathing whatever scenario you are concerned with. Feel the light bathing you and bringing you in to balance. Do this as much as possible. Do this instead of worrying. Do this instead of engaging in conversations about what might happen. Do this at the end of your meditation so that you are using the energy that you created in the meditation to assist you in creating the life you want, locally and globally. Have compassion for the struggles of the world but use your focus and vibration to influence them. Do not underestimate your power as a being of light to influence the world around you. Remember the familiar example, which is used so often because it is true. When you light a candle in a dark room, the room is lit by that candle. And you are not the only candle. There are more and more of you bringing more and more light into the world each day. This should be your focus. Bring in the light and the peace and the vibrations available to you now to light up this world and miraculously dissolve the darkness. With Peace. ©2022 Blue Angel Meditation


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