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Angel Writing 2/28/2022

Angels of Light and Guides of Light, what message or guidance do you have for the group regarding the current situation in the world, specifically Ukraine. Thank you for your assistance and energy and love.

Dear Beings of Light,

We know it is difficult to be human at this time in the history of the planet. It is difficult to be human during this particular week in the history of the planet. But Dear Ones, do not take your eye off the ball. Please, please, please, focus on what you want. The external, while it pulls on your heart and brings out all of your compassion for the innocent people affected by conflict, remember that it is being portrayed in a way that will keep you in emotions of fear, sorrow, grief and anxiety. The more you focus on these emotions and continue to watch images of these situations, the more you will be brought into the lower vibrations of war and conflict.

If you saw a person drowning in quicksand, would you save them by jumping in the quicksand with them? What good does it do to have the entire world jump into the energetic quicksand by continuous focus on these images? We are not saying to ignore the war or conflict, and we are not saying that your compassion and emotional reactions are not warranted at this time.

What we are saying, however, is that you have a choice in how you manage your energy with respect to this situation, and all situations unfolding on the planet at this time. There is much happening. And much happening behind the scenes that the screens you spend so much time looking at will not show you. And yet, ironically, it is you that have the power to change everything.

You may think “how can I possibly change a situation on the other side of the globe by myself?” It sounds crazy to most people, but, truly, rather than projecting worry onto this situation, please project love. Project love and feel the situation coming into balance. Feel the world as you want it to feel rather than the way it is. See light bathing the entire conflict until there is room for only peace and higher vibrations. If more and more people were to do this, you would be astonished at how quickly the world would change. And indeed, more and more people are starting to do this. Which is why now is the time to focus on keeping your vibration high.

In addition, please do not forget that world events are needed at this time to allow many people to start to see for the first time what they have not been able to see until now. People’s hearts are being touched, and their vibrational awareness is being raised, and that is positive. More and more people every day are waking up to their consciousness and starting to realize the power that they hold in this human experience.

If you are reading these words, you chose to come here at this particular time on the planet to bring light into this situation, to create a new way forward that will be paved with peace rather than war. Allow the world to go through what it must in order to awaken, but please do not jump into the quicksand. Connect to peace, feel peace in your own life, project peace onto the planet, and be with love. The tougher it gets out there, Dear Ones, the more you need to maintain your focus on the higher energies and let all of the love in the Universe and all of the energetic support that you have carry you through.

With Love, Light and Peace

©2022 Blue Angel Meditation


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