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Angel Writing 12/11/2022 - Stillness

Angels of Light and Guides of Light, what message do you have for anyone who reads this writing that will help them to navigate the current energies that humanity is walking through? Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.

Dear Beings of Light,

Stillness. Keep coming back to the stillness. The feeling of peace that envelops you when you close your eyes and allow the thoughts to drop away. When you choose to stop listening to the constant whirling and chattering of the mind and focus on the peace that is always there because that peace is you.

This may seem abstract we understand, especially to those of you who are as yet unaccustomed to a regular meditation practice. But to you we say, there are moments where you are at peace in doing other activities, whether it is being in nature, preparing a meal, or even spending time watching a program or a movie (which we do not recommend to do in excess but we understand that at this time many of you still engage in this activity). Many of you feel a sense of peace in physical activity, even intense exercise. There is a type of stillness to be found in all of these activities because you are focused, you are present, you are being led by your body and your heart rather than the mind.

The mind, when it is not directed by you, will lead you in all different directions, and almost none of them will be positive or nourishing for your soul. One could even say that they will think thoughts intentionally of a positive nature. And indeed it starts in this way. But before you know it the mind has taken you down the route of the worst case scenario and rather than peace you find yourself in worry, anxiety, even fear or great distress.

For the thoughts of the undirected mind will never bring you peace. Thoughts are a consciousness that are seeking to find life by attaching to your energy field. The best thing you can do with all of the noise and the screens and the many things in the world trying so hard to grab your attention is to allow them to all float by like clouds in the sky – with minimal interaction.

The next time you find yourself getting carried away in thought, whether it be a criticism of yourself (you are all such beautiful beings we wish for you to learn to love yourselves including your perceived flaws, because these flaws as you may call them are what help you to grow and were chosen by you before your incarnation to assist you in your expansion of consciousness, but we digress), current events, a situation in a relationship romantic or otherwise that puts you in a loop of thought – become aware.

Become aware that you are lost in thought. Bring yourself back to the stillness. Let the thoughts float by before they have the opportunity to take root and create a storm of emotion in your psyche. Recognize them for what they are – energy that has made its way into your energy field that is looking for food. You need not feed the thoughts. Learn to feed the peace. Feed the thoughts and they will grow into emotions. Feed the peace and it will grow into more peace, expansion and love which will be reflected back to you in your physical world in the form of a life that you can only dream of from where you currently sit.

It all starts with a commitment to be in stillness. It is a simple act that carries a power beyond what your consciousness is currently able to perceive.

We send you Stillness, and Blessings of Love and Peace.

And so it is.

©2022 Blue Angel Meditation


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