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Angel Writing 6/27/2021

Dear Friends,

There is so much light coming onto the planet at this time. High-vibrational, transformative light. All can feel it. There are two ways in which the light is currently manifesting itself in your lives. The first is that you can connect to higher frequencies much more easily. You are going into deeper energies in your meditations and other spiritual practices. You are more able to receive guidance, messages and see signs from the universe all around you, pointing you in the direction of your path.

The second way in which the light is manifesting itself is by forcing old emotions, conflicts, things in your life that cause you discomfort or pain, physical or emotional, to come out and be felt in order to be released. The light is cleansing you of any lower vibratory frequencies that remain in your life so that you can continue to more easily integrate the new energies that are coming in. These are both sides of the same coin, as they both work together to propel you into higher frequencies.

A simplistic but effective analogy: If you have a closet full of clothes, and you want to buy new clothes, you will have to give away, throw away, or in some way empty that closet to make room for the new clothes that reflect your current style and the way you currently want to look and feel. It is the same with energy. As the energies continue to increase, you will see your old challenges coming up once again, or shades of your old challenges, as they are now ready to be released from your life, ready to be put in the “give away” pile.

Cleaning out a closet can be challenging for some, since as you go through each item you may revisit memories associated with the times in your life that you wore the clothes, both pleasant and unpleasant memories. But once the old clothes are given away and your closet is clear, you feel clear. And the new clothes can come in and help you create the image of yourself that you want.

As inspiring and miraculous as it may feel to go into higher and higher frequencies in your life, many of you are also experiencing these cleanses of old emotions and conflicts. This is creating an emotional roller coaster for some. It is not easy to go from the highs and peace of a meditation where you feel your unity with all that exists, or feeling that you are actually receiving long-awaited guidance from the beings of light who are helping you on your journey, and in the same day feeling the low vibrations of old emotions that are coming up to be released.

There is no easy answer for how to navigate this because it is the nature of this point in the evolution of humanity. You are in flux. You can, however, harness the power of the higher frequencies you are connecting to as you allow the lower energies to flow through you.

As has previously been advised, when the lower vibrating emotions surface, let them be there. Acknowledge that they are there, and know that you are in the process of releasing not only the memories of that particular event or feeling, but you are clearing multiple times in your life where you felt this same way. And then, once you have acknowledged this, connect to the light that you are so much more able to feel at this time. Ask the light to help you to allow the feelings to pass through you, and to dissolve whatever no longer serves you so that you can continue to raise your consciousness.

Remember, you have the support of many beings of light who are cheering you on.

Many Blessings.

©2021 Blue Angel Meditation


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